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Donald J. Levit(ReelTalk Movie Reviews):Humor, lewdness, drugs, sadness and an uncommon take aid 'Boy' above its advertised 'coming-of-century tale about heroes, magic and Michael Jackson.'
Simon Miraudo(Cinema Autopsy):It is far from a bad film; in truth, it's totally pleasant and enjoyable. Due to every one of the money it collected in its New Zealand freedom, it will receive both hype and criticism disproportionate to its quality.
Marc Fennell(Empire Magazine Australasia):A mild, charming flick where the humour reverberates by authenticity. A case of plot aim and abandoned subplots hold it back, allowing.
Anders Wotzke(Cut Print Review):Not because that 2008's Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire has will and pain come together so beautifully.
Julie Rigg(MovieTime, ABC Radio National):This bewitching, funny and highly original comedy from New Zealand has a enchantment all its own.
Evan Williams(The Australian):The film has a disarming naturalism and spontaneity. Waititi never pushes too hard. He knows the weightiness of restraint, understatement and surprise.
James Mitchell(Trespass):With abundant of charm and humour, Boy is shaping up in the same proportion that the feel-good film of the year.
Leigh Paatsch(Herald Sun (Australia)):While Boy is built on the subject of sturdy foundations of accessible comedy and relatable dramatic literature, it never quite assumes the outward aspect of a typical crowd-pleaser.
Fiona Williams( contains same little 'quirk for quirk's interest' -- and that's no mean act for a film that's fraught with 'nudge-nudge-wink-wink' 80s nostalgy, music video recreations, and a guide character who may or may not exist a superhero.
Margaret Pomeranz(At the Movies (Australia)):There's a poignancy to Boy, apart from the humour which is a great component of the film, to make it a truly type piece of cinema. It is well stocked of craziness and heart.
Garry Maddox(Sydney Morning Herald):It feels for the re~on that authentic to Maori culture as the haka, by a cheeky and understated charm. As they assert across the Tasman, choice.
Matthew Toomey(ABC Radio Brisbane):It starts abroad as a fairly innocuous comedy ~-end it gradually develops into something besides dramatic, more meaningful.
Nick Dent(Sunday Mail (Australia)):Boy is individual of the most successful films of aggregate time in its home country and it's not unfeeling to see why. It's not far from that moment every child experiences at the time they realise their dad or mum is not a hero but suitable a human being.
Julian Shaw(FILMINK (Australia)):Beautifully realised and relating to on serious issues, this moving film is propelled by big laughs and some even bigger heart.
Andrew L. Urban(Urban Cinefile):A surprising mix of elements, ranging from lighthearted moral qualities-based humour to profound drama, and studded with observational detail about human nature in whole, via the cultural specificity of New Zealand's bi-racial converse


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