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Description: Warp is a secrecy-action puzzler where gamers play for the re~on that Zero, a loveable yet lethal, minute orange alien with a big record to settle. Abducted by a villainous General from his home earth and taken to an underwater scrutiny facility, Zero must plan his extreme escape by relying on his repository of military stores of special abilities – warp, frag, reverberation, swap, and launch.

Evade or Eliminate – Take retaliate and kill every human in the quickness, or hide and plan your interval through each level for a in ~ degree-kills stealth approach.

Unreal 3 Sci-Fi Madness—Cutting-margin visuals and a strategic top-into disfavor perspective that lets you visualize your set upon and plan your escape from the sprawling undersea base.


Wreak Havoc with Alien Powers – Make your street through puzzle-based levels using your valid abilities and upgrade them along the distance.
Warp – Teleport instantly through walls, besides obstacles, and into objects.
Frag – Warp into objects or humans and lay waste them from the inside.
Echo – Create a tempt of yourself to distract enemies
Swap – Place your Echo extremely an object to instantly switch places with it
Launch – Warp into objects and discharges them away from you at northerly speeds
Evade or Eliminate – Take retaliate and kill every human in the ease, or hide and plan your tendency of action through each level for a not at all-kills stealth approach.

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Trapdoor
Genre: Action

Release appellation: WARP-RELOADED
Size: 1946MB in 37F

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